The large pasture that extends north from the Water Works buildings to Bingham Hill Road is part of the 23-acre property. There is evidence that both the Cherokee Trail and the Overland Trail Stage Road ran north through the property on the way to Laporte in the 1860s, long before the Water Works was built on the site.  Part of the pasture was replanted in native grasses several years ago. The pasture is still very much like it was more than a century ago.

Each summer, goats are allowed to graze parts of the pasture to help control weeds. Grazing methods will be reviewed to determine where and for how long the goats will be allowed to graze in the future. In midsummer, the pasture is mowed and baled, and the bales are kept in the barn. From November to March, the pasture is home to the ponies from The Farm at Lee Martinez Park, and the ponies are fed the hay harvested from the pasture.

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