The massive stone wall replaced an earthen mound that shaped the original reservoir. The east bank of the supply ditch extended to the end of the retaining wall, thus completing the new reservoir. Water was delivered to the turbines through a steel pipe that penetrated both the new stone retaining wall and the brick wall of the Pump House. The pipe then dropped 23 feet to the two water wheel turbines on the inside of the building. Approximately 31 gallons of water were delivered to the turbines to deliver one gallon of pressurized water to the city.

The rock for the stone retaining wall came from the Stout quarries now under Horsetooth Reservoir. The wall rests on bedrock and is approximately 25 feet tall, with only the top 12 feet being exposed. It is approximately 6 feet thick at its base and tapers to about 3 feet thick at its top. It was constructed by hand. 

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