Why does local history matter to you?

Here's why local history matters to us


Local history matters to individuals

Local history matters because learning about history teaches essential skills. It pushes individuals to view the world from a different perspective. It teaches critical thinking when researching, like understanding biases and juggling multiple perspectives. This is especially relevant today, considering the availability of information online and the ever-growing need to examine reliability of information.


Local history matters to our communities

Local history matters because a city is not a community without an understanding of its past. The traditions, stories and civic commemorations transforms our city into a community. Telling these stories and continuing these local traditions help strengthen our community connection.


Local history matters to our future

Local history matters to our future because by revisiting history in modern discussions, we can better understand the source of differing perspectives on issues we face in our community and in our country. History also serves as inspiration for current and future leaders. By looking back at role models in our community before us, it gives current leaders the insight and inspiration to move forward.


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We heard from you! Here's why our community believes local history matters: