What is the Poudre Landmarks Foundation?

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Our Mission

Poudre Landmarks Foundations envisions a community that understands, appreciates, and values its past. PLF's mission is to preserve, restore, protect, and interpret the architectural and cultural heritage of the Fort Collins area.

PLF’s mission is to preserve, restore, protect, and interpret the architectural and cultural heritage of the Fort Collins Area

In the early 1970's, the iconic 1879 Avery House was slated to be torn down for redevelopment. A strong group of local citizens persuaded the City of Fort Collins to purchase the property and PLF as forned to begin restoration and management of the Avery House. PLF restored the home to its current splendor an opened the home an an historic house museum. Then, in 1995 PLF began managing and restoring the City's 1883 Water Works facility.


PLF has 46 years of experience offering quality history related events for the community and a strong reputation of fiscal responsibility. PLF is a known cultural leader in the community and we are often asked to represent history-related organizations and issues in community efforts. We take this responsibility and honor seriously.

Our yearly event schedule is created using constituent feedback, past experience, coupled with organizational capacity. Our event offerings have grown in scope and depth over the years. PLF has more than 200 volunteers and year year we look for new ways to reach out and share the gift of history with the Fort Collins community.

Properties we manage

The Avery House


The Avery House was built in 1879. It served as the family home of Franklin and Sara Avery and their three children. The home was built of sandstone from local quarries and includes a carriage house, large yard, gazebo, and fountain. It is located at 328 W. Mountain Avenue in Old Town Fort Collins and serves as a museum honoring life at the turn of the 19th century. Open each Saturday & Sunday, 1–4 p.m. 

1883 Fort Collins Water Works

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The Water Works facility at 2005 N. Overland Trail was constructed in 1882–83 to provide the growing town of Fort Collins with an adequate supply of water for fighting the building fires that plagued the early township. The facility is located at the western edge of Fort Collins on a 23-acre site that also features a portion of the Cherokee and Overland trails that led gold seekers, emigrants, and outlaws through the western frontier.