Historic Homes Feature: Cozy Craftsman Cottage built in 1920

The Pinkerton House, 1920
Style: Craftsman Cottage

This home was built in 1920, as listed on the 1948 tax assessor form. Unfortunately, both the county tax books and the City of Fort Collins directories are missing for 1920, leaving the name of the original owner lost to history.

6 Pinkerton House_120 Grant.jpg

The first documented occupants were Harold and Alta Pratt in 1922. Harold is listed as a “student” for his occupation, probably a student at Colorado Agricultural College (later Colorado State University.) This may mean that Harold and Alta were renters. Given the size of the house and the long list of short-term occupants, 120 S. Grant was probably often a rental. From 1925 to 1957, the occupants listed were varied and changed every 2 or 3 years: student, lawyer, foreman at Great Western Sugar Co., mechanic, carpenter, and yard worker at CSU.

120 S. Grant Ave. is in the Loomis Addition, which is a neighborhood development of mostly one story houses.

This compact house was built with simplicity and practicality. It is a side-gabled house with a shed dormer. It sits on a small lot created from the larger lots facing Mountain Avenue and Oak Street.

6a Pinkerton House_120 Grant.png

Current owners, Ned and Amanda Pinkerton, bought this house in 2005. The previous owners completed the first big renovation: remodeling the entire interior, refinishing the floors, replacing the windows, and updating the kitchen in the back.

The Pinkertons made additional changes. They changed the bathroom door to open to the master bedroom. They extended the kitchen, adding an island and larger seating area. Across from the kitchen, they added a workshop, laundry room, and bathroom. They kept the cellar, which was previously used as the laundry room, and is now storage. The front porch has a lovely seating area with custom railings, and the backyard has raised beds, seating areas and storage. This house demonstrates how a small property can become a beautiful, efficient modern home.