Historic Homes Tour Bonus: Janell Prussman's 1950 Airstream

1950 Airstream Flying Cloud
Parked at 612 Sycamore St.


Janell Prussman’s 1950 Airstream Flying Cloud is a pristine and lovingly restored example that harkens back to Midcentury Americana and the obsession with the open road. In 1957, President Eisenhower created the American Interstate Highway System, and the Prussman’s trailer almost certainly got it’s wings on those newly minted routes! The Flying cloud has been restored inside and out for tailgating and small parties, and is decorated with an eye to the era it came from.

See Janell’s Airstream parked at the Kroutel Home this year, 612 Sycamore Street, as an Historic Homes Tour Bonus Feature! Special thanks to the Kroutels for the parking space, and to the Prussmans for this snazzy inclusion on the tour.