Big Changes Ahead for 1883 Water Works

PLF’s dream of a Water Works Water Interpretation Center for Northern Colorado is soon to be realized! Detailed plans for the 1883 Water Works were recently finalized through a construction document project funded by the Colorado State Historical Fund, Poudre Heritage Alliance, and the City of Fort Collins. Stewart Architecture of Louisville, CO, created the documents that PLF and future contractors will use to complete the work.

Picture arriving at the Water Works property through a new entrance off Overland Trail, walking through the apple orchard on maintained pathways, entering the climate-controlled Water Works building, and finding state-of-the-art exhibits highlighting the Water Works site and other water topics. You’ll also have access to the Caretaker’s House for restrooms and meeting areas. 

Maintaining this rural, historical site is of utmost importance. The site is registered as a State and Local Historic Landmark, thereby ensuring that all upgrades or changes to the site meet strict preservation guidelines. 

PLF must raise well over $1 million to bring our vision to fruition. Fundraising will begin in 2016, with construction soon to follow. The project will be split into several phases to allow continued access to the site during construction.

We extend a sincere thank you to the State Historical Fund, Poudre Heritage Alliance, and the City of Fort Collins for helping us put our vision on paper. 

Want to learn more or become involved in our effort? Contact us at,, or (970) 221-0533. Be sure to watch for more updates as we proceed!