Historic Homes Feature: A Cozy and Elegant Turn of the Century Craftsman

The Anderson House
1100 West Oak Street

1100 W. Oak St 3.jpg

Jim Dennison’s one-story painted brick Craftsman home at 1100 West Oak Street provides a wonderful example of the small but elegant turn-of-the-century houses common to Oak Street. As with most houses, it blends several styles. It has a Craftsman shape with a front gable and deep soffits but no rafter tails. The round window, leaded pane glass on the porch, and bow window are more Victorian. The windows have the rough-finished stone sills often found in the neighborhood. The 1909 Fort Collins Directory first records mention of 1100 West Oak, listing owners Carl and Lillian Anderson. Mr. Anderson was the president and manager of Courier Printing, which published the town directories for many years.

Internationally known composer Charles Wakefield Cadman was resident from 1914 - 1916. Although his stay was brief, he brought fame and a touch of celebrity to Fort Collins.
Drawing by Kathy Bischoff

Drawing by Kathy Bischoff

Other owners included a theater manager and a newspaper man. In 1938, Dr. G. E. and Miriam Garrison bought the house, living there until about 1972. The current owner, Jim Dennison and his former partner purchased it in 2007. Jim has been sole owner since 2014. Mr. Dennison appreciates older homes and loves antiques, which are found throughout the house. He did much of the restoration and remodeling work himself. Over the past several years, he worked with family and friends to restore the doors, windows, floors, moldings, and trim, as well as replacing the missing pocket doors between the parlor and dining room. 

He has also added new details with the crown molding, rock surround, and wood mantle around the wood-burning stove. Dennison reorganized the original master bedroom, bathroom, and closets to create a larger bathroom and a larger bedroom closet. He also enlarged the kitchen entrance from the original standard doorway into a larger, brighter opening. (A private living space behind the house is not included on the tour) The yard, though small, bursts with flowers and charm. It has a requisite white picket fence, original hitching posts, a pergola, and an outdoor kitchen complete with a pizza oven! Jim will have horse and carriage rides for visitors. 

Author: Robin Stitzel