Historic Homes Tour Feature: 1905 Farm Property on Overland Trail

The Foster House, 1905
Style: Craftsman

This property is unique to the Historic Homes Tour – in 1905, this property was on 55 acres including pasture, crops and apple orchard. When it was first sold in 1905, it even included shares in the North Poudre Irrigation Company to irrigate the land. At that time, the residents (Farrell family) took a buggy or sleigh ride 4½ miles to town for supplies to run their farm, including coal to feed the brick furnace housed in the basement. The old coal chute and staircase to the basement furnace still remain.

For the Historic Homes Tour, participants will see the historic home and additional features:

·         Barn, built in 1911, still in use today with original root cellar beneath tack room

·         Antique farm equipment

·         Vintage trucks

·         New “man cave” above the garage & shop

·         Silo, built in 1911, originally a stone structure

·         Grain bin silo converted to gazebo

The current owners restored the home, and preserved the hardwood floors, bedroom doors, and built-in cabinets at the top of the stairs. The brick backsplash in the kitchen was repurposed brick from the old Lincoln school, and the centerpiece of the home is the wood staircase said to be from the Avery building in downtown Fort Collins